Environmental Policy

The Organisation accepts its responsibility to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and will try to preserve the earth’s resources for future generations. The Organisation will where practicable use renewable resources, recycled products and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

HG Construction commits itself to an ethical environmental policy.

HG Construction will therefore follow the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

In accomplishing this we will:

1. Comply with all international, national and local legislation, codes of practice and international treaties.
2. Ensure that our work activities do not create unacceptable risks to other people or the environment in general.
3. Assess the amount of waste generated by our operations including any discharges to the atmosphere and discharges into the water system.
4. Ensure that all of our waste, especially hazardous waste, is disposed of in a safe manner by using reputable licensed waste disposal companies.
5. The company will reclaim, recycle and reuse as much waste it generates as practicable.

Our goal of a less hazardous environment can be achieved by a conscientious effort and commitment to excellence from all staff.