Pharamcy First Plus Glanmire

Client: Pharmacy First Plus

Architect: Griffin Walshe

Description: This project consisted of a single storey extension to the side and rear of the existing structure. All of the works were carried out with minimum disruption to the pharmacy which remained open throughout the project.

PSCS: HG Construction




Client: HSE

PSCS: Mercury Engineering

Description: The external works in this project involved the construction of two concrete basses to support the new oxegen tanks and the construction of a new reinforced control room. The internal element of the project consisted of the running of new oxygen lines, above ceiling level, throughout the entire hospital. All works including coring of walls had to be carried out under negative pressure with particular emphasis placed on Aspergillus control




Client: Stryker

Architect: Henry J Lyons,

Quantity Surveyors: Edward Cotter Partnership

Engineers: , Punch Consulting Engineers

Description: New  160m2 extension to rear of existing building to incorparate empolyee welfare facilities. Works included service diversions retaining walls and a steel framed construction with a complete internal fit out of the changing rooms.

Description: Extension to existing carpark including bulk excavation, drainage, kerbing, Sub base and Blacktop to entire carpark. Works aslo included PL ducting and Line marking all carried out in a live carpark.

Description: Construction of an single storey extension to the workshop at the rear of the existing building and tie in to a live building.

PSCS: HG Construction